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Easy Rent Solutions

Financing solutions to keep you flexible and ahead with ease

The Value of Easy Rent

Global Rental Fleet.
Easy Rent gives you access to our fleet of more than 10,000 units and 50 different brands

Immediate Access
Most equipment is ready to ship the next day.

Pay for Use.
Pay only for equipment use, down to the day. We prorate all rentals daily.

Ease through Flexibility.
Easy Rent will offer you flexibility for any direction your project takes. We give you credit towards ownership, provide for easy cancellation, and will renew your rental with the option to refresh.

Obsolescence Protection.
Your rental plan closely follows the equipment’s useful life, ensuring that you are always equipped with the newest and best technology.

Product Support.
We back every rental with free calibration, maintenance, and technical support by our ISO certified, NIST traceable lab.

The Easy Pledge.
We pledge to make it easy for you to obtain the T&M equipment you need when you need it.

Program Options


The MTM solution is a cancellable monthly agreement for any period from one month to many years.


Our RTO solution helps you get the equipment you need now for the long-term, without an upfront cost.
Save your capital expenditure budget and cash

  • Ideal for short-term projects
  • Low monthly rates
    Rent for as long as you need at one low monthly rate
  • After 30 days:
    • The plan is cancellable
    • Rental is prorated
  • 20% rental credit toward ownership
    • Begins after renting for 3 months
      We give you a path toward ownership in case you decide to buy
  • Calibrated prior to shipment
  • Ideal for projects with a possible long-term equipment need
  • Competitive monthly rates
  • After the midterm of the agreement :
    • The plan is cancellable
    • Rental is prorated
  • Buyout at  25% of the advertised price
    Each payment gets you one step closer to owning your rental at huge savings
  • Calibrated prior to shipment
  Credit towards ownership- we make it Easy for you to own your rental
  • MTM Rental Credit: Receive 20% credit with each payment on the unit’s fair market value
  • RTO Rental Equity: Each payment gets you equity, lowering your future purchase to 25% of the advertised price.

Contact us at or 800-817-4370 about eligible new and refurbished products.

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