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Rental FAQs

What equipment is available for rent?

All of our test equipment is available for you to rent -- choose from thousands of different products. Use the search function above to search by model number, manufacturer or product category.

Which program is best for me: month-to-month rental or rent-to-own?

For short-term rentals, the month-to-month program has lower monthly payments. If you have shorter-term rental needs and are fairly certain you won't want to purchase the unit, the month-to-month plan is ideally suited for you.

For long-term rentals, the Rent-To-Own option has comparable monthly payments and a much lower buyout. If you think you may want to own the unit, Rent-To-Own is the best strategy for you.

This example shows the cost breakdown to rent a $10,000 unit for 12 months:

12-month Agreement Advertised Purchase Price Monthly Rental Cost End-of-term Purchase Price Total Cost to Own
Month-to-Month $10,000 $600* $8,560 $15,760
Rent-to-Own $10,000 $850 $2,500 $12,700
*Please note: The sample month-to-month rental cost in this table is based on a 6% rate. Actual rates will vary.

What happens if my test instrument stops working?

MetricTest's goal is to keep you and your equipment up and running at all times. MetricTest's tech support hotline is staffed from 7:00 a.m. until midnight Monday - Thursday and 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Friday. To speak with one of MetricTest's certified lab technicians, call (800) 432-3424x154 or (510) 266-5479. If your equipment stops working, you can return it at anytime to our ISO registered, NIST traceable lab for maintenance or calibration. While the unit is being repaired, we will send you a replacement or substitute unit, provided we have one in stock.

Will my rental payments be prorated if I don't keep the unit for the entire month?

After you have had a month-to-month rental for at least 30 days or a rent-to-own for at least half the term, you will only be billed for the length of time you have the equipment. For example, if MetricTest receives your unit on the fifth day of the next rental period, you will be charged 5/30 of your monthly rental cost.

What if I want to buy the unit before my rent-to-own term ends?

Call your MetricTest sales representative and request a quote.

How long does it take to open an account?

Once MetricTest has received your bank and trade references and RTO agreement (for rent-to-own only), your account will usually be opened within the same day.

What happens to the equipment at the end of the rental term?

You can return the equipment, renew the rental agreement, or purchase the equipment at the preset buyout amount (on your rental agreement). If you decide to continue renting after the rent-to-own term is complete, it reverts to a month-to-month agreement. If you exercise the option to buyout, it is effective the day we receive your hard copy PO. You will not be charged for rental after this point.

Can I establish a rental line of credit?

Yes. Most customers choose to establish a line of credit, so funds are readily available when equipment is needed. Business credit must remain in good standing while the credit line is open.
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