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Keysight 9000 Infiniium Series Oscilloscopes

If you havenít purchased an Agilent scope lately, why should you consider one now?Agilent 1000 Series
If youíre like most engineers, you never know what your next project will demand from you. You need an oscilloscope that can adapt to a wide variety of debug and test challenges. Thatís why we designed our new Infiniium 9000 Series oscilloscope to meet a full range of needs. First we built in the powerful features youíd expect in any Infiniium scope. Then we engineered the scope for the broadest measurement capability, so it would be the most indispensable tool in your arsenal.

Responsive deep memory

With standard 10 Mpts(standard), and up to 1 Gpts (optional) of memory, you can capture long time periods while retaining fast sample rates. Fast update rates mean your scope stays responsive with deep memory on, ensuring precise representation of analog signals.

Advanced triggering

Advanced triggers are essential when you are investigating suspected problems. Infiniium offers a full range of advanced triggers to help you isolate and capture the condition you need to characterize. The 9000 Series simplifes trigger setups by using intuitive dialog boxes with descriptive graphics.

Drag and drop measurements

It’s simple: drag an icon from the measurement bar and drop it on the cycle you want to measure. You can make up to fi ve measurements on your waveforms, on up to five different cycles. All of the measurements appear at the bottom of the display with statistics and are color-coded to the channel you are measuring.

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Product Specifications

Model # Bandwidth Sample Rate Memory Scope Channels Logic Channels
DSO9104A 1 GHz 10 GSa/s 10 Mpts (std) / 1 Gpts (opt) 4 -
MSO9104A 1 GHz 10 GSa/s 10 Mpts (std) / 1 Gpts (opt) 4 16
DSO9254A 2.5 GHz 10 GSa/s 10 Mpts (std) / 1 Gpts (opt) 4 -
MSO9254A 2.5 GHz 10 GSa/s 10 Mpts (std) / 1 Gpts (opt) 4 16
DSO9404A 4 GHz 10 GSa/s 10 Mpts (std) / 1 Gpts (opt) 4 -
MSO9404A 4 GHz 10 GSa/s 10 Mpts (std) / 1 Gpts (opt) 4 16
DSO9064A 600 MHz 10 GSa/s 10 Mpts (std) / 1 Gpts (opt) 4 -
MSO9064A 600 MHz 10 GSa/s 10 Mpts (std) / 1 Gpts (opt) 4 16

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